Mahogany Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Mahogany Enterprise Sdn Bhd one of the leading Agriculture Commodity Exporters & manufacturer, The company is exporting Agriculture Commodities to customers across the globe. The company deals in a various Agriculture Products such as Cotton Bales, Cotton seed oil cake, Cotton seed, Peanuts, onion.html, Garlic, Bengal Gram, Rice and sugar. Our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees who are directly purchase Agriculture Products from selected farmers so we supply good quality of Agriculture Products to our business partner. ME Sdn Bhd provides a premium cold pressed sunflower oil with exceptional quality and flavor. We use only high oleic sunflower seeds to provide a healthy cooking oil with 0 trans fat, high in "good" monounsaturated fat, and low in polyunsaturated fat. We filter down to 1 micron without chemicals to ensure a lengthy shelf life. Our processing plant is inspected by the MN Department of Agriculture and all of our products are guaranteed.